An Internet Research Tool


(Very, very rough and beta)


There are four modes in Fact200: Loaded Results, Filtering Loaded Results, Filtering the Library, and Load History. Switching between these modes is done both automatically and manually. To shift modes manually, click on the mode dropdown menu located below the search box.

Menu Items



Most of these operations only apply within the search field. Select All operates on the search result list.


Note that Raw results are always presented in the order that sources return them in and are thus not sortable. Switch into Library Filtering mode to sort.


The results menu operates on search results. Search results can be selected by clicking on them. Use the shift or ctrl keys while clicking to extend a selection.


This menu is user configurable per library and allows you to store frequently used search terms.


Library Settings



This tab allows you to modify the sources used within each category. Each category submits searches only to those sources contained within it and also only displays results from those sources (in Filter mode).

An exception to this rule is the first category which always displays all results regardless of source.


This tab allows you to configure sources. Sources are general methods by which Fact200 receives URLs from the Internet. New sources can be created and modified through parameters in order to tailor results for specific needs.

Some sources, like Google, have a default behavior that can be further refined by creating a new source based on it. The Wikipedia source is an example of a Google source extension that uses the 'site' parameter to specify results only from the wikipedia site.

Other sources, like RSS or Atom, require a parameter ('url' in this case) in order to function. The MSN source utilizes RSS as a generic method of obtaining search results from MSN.





Destinations are link sharing sites. They typically require you to set up a free account before sending them URLs. Visit their sites first to obtain an account. Once an account is setup you can configure default account information here as well as default search terms per site. When urls are sent to these sites, a confirmation dialog is always presented that allows you to finalize the search terms and notes.


The default library is the library that is opened when Fact200 is executed directly. You can also open alternate libraries by opening the .fidx files within them, or by opening shortcuts to these .fidx files.


Fact200 utilizes multithreading to maximize performance and maintain interactivity during processing. It's possible to increase performance at the expense of some user interactivity by increasing the number of threads.